Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cuéllar Connecticut Krēmē Robusto From Villiger Cigars

Cuéllar Connecticut Krēmē Robusto From Villiger Cigars
This Cuéllar Connecticut Krēmē Robusto From Villiger Cigars is the last cigar from the Cigar Train COTM package from a month ago. That makes me a bit sad since I like the cigars Villiger produces.

Holding this cigar in my hand I see a cigar with top-notch construction. The Claro colored Connecticut wrapper is silky smooth, practically vein free and it's rolled on with seamless care. Feeling down the body I find it's packed firmly full length and the cigar is topped of with a triple cap.

Checking for cold aromas and flavors, there are notes of spiced cedar from the foot, while there of nuances of cream, sugar and spicy cedar from the free draw.

Once the foot is toasted an burning, I'm rewarded with mouthfuls of smooth, creamy, mild bodied smoke that has a mixed cream and cashew flavor. As the burn moves up the cigar I can taste white pepper, toast, sugar, cream, toasted marshmallows and sweet cream butter.

After forty-five minutes the robusto finished with flavors of toast, sugar and cream. I should note, there was a nice touch of spice full length.

Overall this Cuéllar Connecticut Krēmē Robusto was another nice cigar from Villiger Cigars. It had a good burn line, great construction and a balanced flavor mix. I liked this cigar, I bet you will too!

Rated 92

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