Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee from Buna Mobile Roasting Company

Bunamobile Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee
Buna Mobile roasting company is a small batch roaster that specializes in roasting for fund raisers. You can find more information about their charities and fundraising on their website.

This is a Full City roast and each bean is beginning to show some rich, oily caramelization. Once the beans were ground there was an aroma of sweet caramel and tree fruit. After water was introduced for the pour-over the caramel aromas bloomed to fill the room and the tree fruit notes turned to nuances of citrus.

From the first to the last sip this coffee was, bright, clean, and crisp with a light mouthfeel. Hot, there were notes of sweet caramel, toast and tangerine. As the coffee cooled, it stayed sweet, but nuances of caramel and tart grapefruit became the prominent flavors. It was a nice sweet and tart combination.

Overall I thought this was a fantastic roast. It was crisp, yet sweet with a nice cleansing palate wash. There were no defects and it produced a clean cup.

Check out the Buna Mobile web site and see what the currently have to offer. You won't go wrong with any of their roasts.

Rated 93

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