Thursday, October 30, 2014

Foundry Tobacco Company - Compounds, Elements and Musings: Dubnium - Db 105

So far I've been pretty impressed with the Foundry Tobacco Company their cigar lines. Today we take a look at the Dubnium (Db 105) from the Compounds, Elements and Musings line. I picked this stick up at Cigar Train last week.

The Db 105 is 6 x 60 with a near oval box-press applied. It's covered nearly full length by the two bands, but the Cheshire Cat is pretty cool, so it's OK. I'm always leery when it comes to removing large bands, but these both came right off with no damage to the wrapper.

Once the bands are off, you can see the oily, seamless and nearly vein free Colorado colored wrapper that had been hiding underneath. The cigar was packed well full length and topped with a well fitting triple cap. From the cold foot there are notes of sweet fermented tobacco, plus a hint of hay, while the free draw was light and flavored like sweet, spicy cedar.

Once the cigar was burning there were smooth, medium bodied flavors of cocoa, white pepper, leather, oak, molasses, brown sugar, sweet cream, barnyard and raw sugar. After seventy-five minutes the cigar finished with sweet, medium bodied, notes of brown sugar.

Overall the Foundry Dubnium provided a very enjoyable smoking experience. Many of the flavors were on the sweet side of the scale, which I like, but with the earthy notes mixed in, I felt it was well balanced. Sweet and savory came to mind as I was taking notes. If you find this cigar on the shelf at your local B&M, grab a couple and try them out, they're a tasty treat.

Rated 93

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