Monday, October 13, 2014

Gyokuro Japan Green Tea from Tattle Tea

This Gyokuro Japan Green Tea from Tattle Tea is another of those rare green teas. The Gyokuro is shade grown for about twenty day and hand-picked resulting in a tea with increased amounts of amino acids, chlorophyll and caffeine.

To a warm cup I added the proper amount of the Gyokuro Japan Green Tea into the infuser. Once hot water was introduced and the steep was over, the tea leaves created a cup of slightly cloudy, light emerald green colored tea.

I found the tea. light and naturally sweet, but at the same time a bit brisk with a refreshing wash across the palate.

The flavor of this tea is superb, but light, with a clean and smooth finish.

Overall I will say this is the finest green tea I have sipped to date!

Rated 9.8 of 10

I would like to thank Tattle Tea for providing this sample for review!

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