Friday, October 3, 2014

KRUPS GVX212 Burr Coffee Grinder

KRUPS GVX212  Burr Coffee Grinder
I've wanted an electric coffee grinder for some time. It's not that I'm lazy, I just grind lots of coffee doing two to six pour-overs every day. As a birthday gift, my fantastic wife picked up this KRUPS GVX212  Burr Coffee Grinder.

Over the past few months this grinder and I have developed a true love-hate relationship. KRUPS made this grinder feature-rich, but in reality I only use a couple of them.

Here's the feature list straight from the KRUPS website:
  • Conical burr mill grinder avoids overheating and preserves coffee beans aroma 
  • Fineness selector has 17 positions to grind coffee beans from ultra fine to coarse 
  • Quantity selector from 2 to 12 cups 
  • Unit shuts off automatically after grinding the right amount of beans 
  • 200 g/7 oz. bean hopper with lid keeps coffee beans fresh 
  • Anti-static, removable coffee container with lid holds enough ground coffee for up to 12 cups 
  • Special safety features: Unit will not operate unless lid of hopper and coffee container are in place 
  • Removable burrs for easy cleaning 
  • Cleaning brush included 
  • 110 watts 
  • 2-year worldwide warranty
See, I told you it had tons of features. So what do I like the most about this grinder? It's the speed, 7 oz. of coffee can be ground in about two minutes, (much of my review coffee gets ground and stored for auto drip use once the review is done). The quantity selector works well but again I only bulk grind so it's set on 12 most of the time. That brings us to the next question.

Why don't I grind for reviews with this grinder? Well, this is a bit of a story but here goes. No matter what grind setting is used, even coarse, this grinder creates way to much, pour-over filter clogging, dust. Not only does it create lots of coffee dust, the anti-static coffee container really isn't anti-static and about half the dust sticks to the sides and lid. That means every time the lid is removed coffee dust goes flying everywhere. The amount of dust really is a problem and it creates a huge mess.

Overall, the time saved bulk grinding is big plus for me and makes this grinder a keeper. However, I get a more consistent grind from my hand grinder,

Rated 6 out of 10

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