Monday, October 20, 2014

Regius Cigars The Exclusivo U.S.A. Lancero Extra

Regius Cigars The Exclusivo U.S.A. Lancero Extra
Here's another of the new line from Regius Cigars, The Exclusivo U.S.A. Lancero Extra. This 40 ring lancero is a bit larger than the standard 38 ring and it's a full 7 ½" long.

Construction of this Lancero Extra is nice. It's packed firmly full length and is covered by a seamless, nearly vein free Colorado Claro colored wrapper. In addition, there's a bit of tooth to the oily wrapper and the cigar is finished off with a pig-tail cap.

When checking cold aromas, there were light notes of spice from the foot and after clipping the pig-tail cap, the free draw tasted like spiced fruit.

After toasting and lighting the foot the cigar produced a large amount of medium bodied smoke with nuances of toast mixed with caramel. Caramel was the predominate flavor in this cigar, but there were other smooth notes of leather, cream, raw sugar, raisin, dark brown sugar and some mild black pepper. After sixty-five minutes the Lancero Extra finished with a full bodied mix of caramel and black pepper.

Overall I thought this was a fantastic cigar. It had great flavors, a razor sharp burn line and the wrapper developed a rich oily gloss as the cigar burned. I really liked this Exclusivo U.S.A. Lancero Extra. Try it out for yourself, I think you'll like it!

Rated 94

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