Thursday, October 2, 2014

Roberto P Duran Premium Cigars Robusto

Roberto P Duran Premium Cigars Robusto
This pre-release Roberto P Duran Premium Cigars Robusto came my way via Gabriel Piñeres from Creativas Group Public Relations, Branding & Events. I've heard some good things about this cigar and have been pretty excited to try it out.

Holding this cigar in my hand, I see a well made top-of-the-line cigar. The fillers and binder and wrapped in a silky smooth, seamless, practically vein free Claro colored wrapper. I don't know much about the blend, but this cigar holds one filler leaf from an undisclosed country. It's only a guess, but I think it either contains one dark fired cured leaf or one leaf of Andullo tobacco. Read on and you'll see why I think that.

Checking cold aromas, from the foot there are hints of smoky tobacco with sweet fruit. After clipping the triple cap, the free draw had the same flavors, but it left behind an aftertaste with hints of red wine.

Once the foot was toasted and burning the first medium bodied flavors were a mix of tart fruit, cream and caramel plus there were underlying notes of smoky tobacco. Around the mid point the burn ran up the side a bit, well actually, enough that it need a quick correction. In the second half there were flavors of toast, sugar, brown sugar, fermented tobacco and even some floral notes. But again, that smoky goodness was there in the second half too along with a nice brown sugar after taste. The fifty minute burn finished with full bodied nuances of earth and smokey tobacco. I though this was one great tasting cigar!

Other than one burn problem this cigar was fantastic. I could be wrong about the undisclosed leaf, but it's something along those lines since there were smoky notes full length. If you get the chance don't pass this cigar up, actually don't pass up any of the Roberto P. Duran cigar lines. They're all great cigars.

Rated 92

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