Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Te-Amo World Selection Series Cuban Blend Gran Corto

Te-Amo World Selection Series Cuban Blend Gran Corto
You probably know that large ring-gauge cigars and I don't see eye-to-eye most of the time. However, these Te-Amo World Selection Series Cuban Blend Gran Corto cigars just hit the shelves at Cigar Train  and since I've smoked a few Te-Amo cigars in the past, and liked them, I just had to grab one. 

This 62 x 4 Cuban Blend Gran Corto cigar is covered with a stout, oily, seamless and nearly vein free Colorado colored Criollo wrapper. Testing the cold aroma, there are notes of apple pie to the nose--yes I said apple pie. After clipping the end, I found the draw to be free and flavors of spicy cedar and apple pie. 

It took nearly a lighter full of butane to toast the foot but I finally had it burning. The first puffs were medium bodied, sweet and fruity. Nice. As the burn moved up the body, there were other flavors of sweet leather, oak, barn yard, sandalwood and earth. 

After forty-five minutes the full bodied burn ended with bold notes of earth. I have to say it was darn tasty. 

I know you're wondering, how was the burn? Actually, the burn was pretty good. It was a bit wavy at times, but it always self corrected and I like that. 

Overall I thought this was a pretty good cigar, good enough that I want to try the other blends too. Give it a try and see what you think. 

Rated 91

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