Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trill Cigars Torpedo Gordo

This Trill Cigars, Torpedo Gordo came in this months Cigar Of The Month package from Cigar Train. Trill Cigars are part of Villiger Cigars North America.

Looking at this cigar, it's a chunk. As you can see it's a torpedo, it's 4.5" x 62 and it covered with a hearty Habano wrapper. The oily, Colorado Claro colored wrapper is practically vein free and seamless. There is one wrinkle in the wrapper at about the center of the cigar. From the foot there is a nice aroma to the nose of fermented tobacco and the free cold draw has notes of oak.

Once the foot was toasted and burning, the first medium/full bodied flavors were leather with a bit of spice lying underneath. Soon to follow there were nuances of coffee, brown sugar, cocoa, caramel and toasted nuts. The sixty minute burn finished full bodied with notes of toast and rich tobacco. The flavor mix wasn't really complex, but it sure was tasty. I liked the flavors so well, I smoked the Trill down to a half inch, lip-burning nub.

However, be warned, if you smoke this cigar down to a nub like I did, make sure you have a beverage to drink or a full stomach. This stick really is full bodied and it will hit you in the stomach like you were kicked by a stubborn mule if you're not prepared.

Overall I thought this Trill was a fantastic cigar and I am looking forward to smoking many more. As a final thought, you know how 60+ ring cigars normally burn for me. The Trill had a great burn for a 62 ring cigar. The burn wasn't razor sharp, but it was close. Well done Trill Cigars!

Rated 93

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