Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Allure Connecticut Torpedo From J&D Cigars

J&D Cigars Allure
My initial plans were to let this Allure Connecticut Torpedo From J&D Cigars rest a week, but as you know, "curiosity killed the cat", and after only 3 days I gave in. 

Once the cigar was out of the cellophane, the high quality construction was even more obvious. The Claro colored Connecticut wrapper contained only the finest of veins and the seams were nearly impossible to see at arms length.

Cold aromas from this cigar were nice, the wrapper smelled of slightly sweet tobacco, the foot had a strong aroma of tobacco and spicy cedar, and once the end was clipped the nice even cold draw had notes of tobacco and black pepper.
J&D Cigars Allure
All I can say about this cigar in terms of flavor is; interesting. The first few puffs were a mild black pepper mixed with Oak, then the pepper faded giving way to a mix of nuts and earth. These were the main flavor notes present throughout the entire cigar. What makes this flavor mix so interesting is, I never knew what was coming and when. The flavor mix was continually shifting, one flavor would poke through the quickly fade as another flavor came back again. The firm, light gray, ash hung on until right at the cigars' mid point. When it did finally fall another flavor, brown sugar, jumped in for just a couple of puffs and then disappeared forever. As you can see in the picture, the burn line was very good and the wrapper picked up an oily sheen as the burn line progressed up the cigar.

This cigar was a winner! I am not a fan of pepper, but the pepper in this stick was mild and didn't burn my tongue at all. The flavors were not complex, but they shifted back and forth constantly, which was a bit fun trying to figure out what was coming next. I am quickly becoming a fan of torpedo shaped cigars and this one was a pleasure to smoke. As most of you  know I am fond of wrappers on the darker side but this cigar was tasty and at this price point I am pretty sure  the Allure Connecticut Torpedo From J&D Cigars will become one my new daily smokers!

Total 92

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