Thursday, November 20, 2014

Allure Habano Torpedo From J&D Cigars

So here it is, the Allure Habano Torpedo From J&D Cigars.

Construction of this cigar was flawless. As I examine the cigar's body I can see it only contains the smallest of spider web size veins, it has nearly perfect seams and it's packed just right the entire length. This cigar looks like it could easily carry a $10.00 or higher price tag.

The cold aromas from this cigar are nice, from the foot I am finding a hint of sweet  fruit and tobacco while the Colorado Claro colored wrapper has a nice sweet tobacco aroma. Once the end is clipped The perfect cold draw gives me a nice shot of spicy tobacco.

After toasting the foot with my trusted single jet, the first flavors I can taste are a mild, dry, mix of black pepper and earth. Just as I get these flavors jotted down in my notes, a nice mellow, creamy sweetness is pushing away the pepper, then suddenly here comes coffee, then earth mixed with a bit of oak. This is amazing, it seems like the flavor changes with every two or three puffs. The flavor mix continues to dance around every few puffs until I reach the final third. In the final third I am surprised by a nice sweet creaminess that nearly dominates the flavor profile and it actually hangs around for more than a few puffs, giving this cigar a super strong medium bodied finish.

Overall this cigar is a real winner. It has a great burn, good smoking time at 60+ minutes, nice flavors and top of the line construction, plus a price point that can't be beat. has these on sale at $14.97 for a pack of five. That's a deal!

Total 92

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