Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Black Lotus Robusto From Dominion Cigar

I saw a picture of this Black Lotus Robusto from Dominion Cigar on Twitter the other day and just had to have one. I tweeted in reply and Dominion Cigar put one in the mail for me that day. Their picture was much better than mine, but I think the bands on this cigar are pretty neat!

Giving this Black Lotus the once-over, it's covered in an oily, near veinless, maduro colored wrapper. The wrapper is seamless, and the firmly pack cigar is finished with a triple cap. Testing cold aromas, there are notes of fruity fermented tobacco to the nose and the firm draw has flavors of spicy raisins. 

After clipping the cap and lighting this great looking cigar, the mouthfuls of medium bodied smoke had nuances of powdered cocoa. As the razor sharp burn line moved up the cigar a deep oil sheen developed on the wrapper and more flavors moved in. Flavor notes developed of sweet raisins, toast, nuts, toasted marshmallows, ripe plum, leather, caramel, sugar in the raw, earth, charcoal, wheat straw and oak. Nice!

The Black Lotus finished it seventy-five minute burn with a mix of charcoal, coffee and chocolate. 

Overall this was a smooth, great tasting cigar with a complex flavor mix, a long smoking time, and long, rewarding, flavorful finish. 

Rated 94

I would like to thank Dominion Cigar for providing this sample!

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