Friday, November 21, 2014

Casa de Garcia Connecticut Toro

Casa de Garcia Connecticut Toro
Over the years, I've gotten away from my blogging roots of reviewing budget cigars, well finally I have a few stocked up and this Casa de Garcia Connecticut Toro is a good place to start.

Giving this a cigar a visual inspection, it's a bit rough looking. The stout, Claro colored wrapper shows some medium veins, however the seams are fairly tight. Feeling down the body, it's a bit soft full length. From the foot there's a faint aroma of tree fruit and once the cap is punched I taste the same fruit notes from the free draw.

Lighting the cigar was a breeze and I was rewarded with a large mouthful of mild bodied smoke with hints of nuts, fruit and cream. Soon after, brown sugar and a bit of earth took over as the main flavors holding to the mid point where I found about 1/2" of black pepper and barnyard. After a few minutes that faded and was replace by toast, cream, more brown sugar and a hint of pecan. After fifty-five minutes the cigar finished with some bitter oak. 

At 5.5 x 50 this cigar is a bit smaller than most Toro's I smoke (I had anticipated a forty-five minute burn time), but it's a nice size and a fifty-five minute burn was great. Other than the bitterness in the finish, I though the Casa de Garcia Connecticut Toro had a pretty decent flavor mix, plus the burn was sharp full length. 

Before smoking this cigar I read some of the reviews on, some good, some bad, but I just didn't pick up the grassy flavor lots of people mention. I was actually pretty happy with this cigar and think it's a great yard-gar.

You can pick these up off the Neptune Cigar web site for a meager $28.95 per bundle of 20 cigars. That's just over a buck per stick, now that's a Cheap Ash Cigar!

Rated 88

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