Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cigar Punch 2.0 From Screwpop Tools

Screwpop™ - Cigar Punch 2.0
I love cigar tools and here's a good one, the Screwpop™ - Cigar Punch 2.0. I've only had it a few days, but that's enough time for some serious testing.

This Cigar Punch 2.0 is pretty neat, not only is it a quality cigar punch, but it pulls double duty as a bottle opener. Besides that, it's just handy, you can use the carabiner style latch and hook it to almost anything: keys, belt loops, zipper eyes, fishing vest, tackle box, golf bag etc. I think you get the idea.

Screwpop™ - Cigar Punch 2.0
Screwpop™ - Cigar Punch 2.0
OK, so it's handy, but how well does it punch a cigar? To answer that question I've used the Cigar Punch 2.0 to punch over a dozen cigars with wrappers ranging from finest Connecticut's to thickest Oscuro's. I punched all these cigars and didn't crack or break one single wrapper! To be honest I was a bit worried about that before I began testing because this punch is pretty big, it cuts a 3/8" hole. But it's sharp and does a great job.

One of the most exciting things about the Screwpop™ - Cigar Punch 2.0 is how simple it is to use. Just unscrew the cutter from the bottle opener, punch your cigar and screw it back together. The inner rod pushes out the cutting and your good to go again. 

Since it's constructed from aluminum and stainless steel, it's rust resistant and durability shouldn't be an issue. 

I like this tool so much it's going with me to the event at Legends of Fire tonight so I can show it off!

You grab your own punch directly from Screwpop Tools website for only $14.95. While you're there check out their other neat products!

There are a couple key points to this tool that I forgot to add. The bottle opener is one. I did test it on a couple of beers and it worked great. Plus there's the clasp. I make use of the clasp by attaching the cutter to the lanyard on my travel humidor. That way it's always handy and ready for action. 

Rated 10 out of 10 

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