Monday, November 10, 2014

Espinosa Premium Cigars 601 Steel Girder

601 Cigars Steel Toro
Of course I'm a fan of Espinosa Cigars, I think everyone should be. I'm pretty excited to smoke this new 601 Steel, exclusive to Famous Smoke Shop, in the Girder (Toro), vitola. 

To start things out, this is one nice looking cigar. The steel and black band creates a nice contrast point against the dark Oscuro wrapper. Holding the cigar in my hand, it's packed well full length, the oily Oscuro wrapper is hearty, but contains only fine veins and the seams are tight. From the cold foot there is an aroma of chocolate covered raisins, while after clipping the triple cap the free draw tastes like fruity chocolate.

After toasting and lighting the foot, the first medium/full bodied puffs produce large mouthfuls of smoke tasting of cocoa and raisins with an added dash of black pepper. I should also mention that the Oscuro wrapper left a nice chocolate aftertaste on my lips.

In the first half the burn was razor sharp and the wrapper developed a rich oily gloss. There were other flavors of chocolate, damp leather and white pepper. In the second half the burn got a bit wavy, but not bad enough to correct, the body moved into the full range and there were other flavors of molasses, charcoal, black pepper, plus some mocha. The 601 Steel finished it's sixty minute burn with a tasty flavor mix of burnt mocha with a bit spicy pepper.

Overall this 601 Steel was a darn nice cigar. It had a rock-solid flavor mix, top-notch construction and a pretty good burn. You can only pick these up from Famous Smoke Shop but at $7.54 for a single, it's a pretty good cigar value . Try them out, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Rated 94

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