Monday, November 3, 2014

How Many Cigars Will This Humidor Really Hold.

By Waxing Moon Humidors

How to determine cigar count in a humidor!

Typically, a rule of thumb for figuring out count.... is 100 cigars for every (overall) 700 cubic inches.... (or there 'bouts)  However.... if you take it a step further..... and look at the available space inside the humidor.... take away trays, tray supports, crumb catcher & dividers and let's say you have a space of 15.5" x 8.5" x 4" available to lay your cigars.... which comes out to be 527 cubic inches.... Now.... finally, I get to use the high school formula of Pi R Squared..... in order to determine the volume of a cigar.

Cigar ring gauge is measured in 64ths of an inch... so, the radius of a RG 50 would be 25/64ths.... which converts to .390625  So, with the formula to determine the volume would be (Pi * .390625 squared * the length of the cigar) and using a 6/50 toro as an example, you wind up with a cigar volume of 2.876214 for each cigar.

So... take the 527 cubic inches and divide it by the 2.876214 and you wind up with a mathematical "count" of 183 and some change.... so, technically speaking, that humidor is a 183.227 count humidor..... But, as we all know... real estate gets consumed and picture perfect packaging in the cigar world does not really exist... so, there must be a standard somewhere.... ergo, 100 cigars for ever 700 cubic inches (overall dimensions)....

Hope that helps...

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