Friday, November 21, 2014

Old El Paso Colombia-Bolivia Coffee From DP Coffee Club

Old El Paso Colombia-Boliva Coffee From DP Coffee Club
I'm always looking for different coffees to review, last week I obtained a couple samples of Old El Paso Colombia-Bolivia Coffee From DP Coffee Club. I'd never heard of Old El Paso Coffee, so I'm pretty excited to give it a try.

This Sample came in a 2 ounce convenience pack, pre-ground. On the package, it says the sample brews 10-12 cups so I chose to brew it in my Bella auto drip maker instead of doing my normal pour-over.

From the bag there were deep, rich notes of cocoa mix with earth. Once wet the grounds gave off a nutty, warm bread aroma ( I had to wait until the brewing was done to check this), and the coffee brewed up dark. It was actually one of the darkest cups I've ever sipped. 

Sipping from the cup, the hot coffee was sweet, with flavors of chocolate, earth, nuts, charcoal and hints of grapefruit. 

Although the coffee brewed up dark, the mouthfeel was light and slightly brisk with a fresh, cleansing, mouthwatering, palate wash. 

With the notes of citrus the acidity matched the flavors to create a balanced and clean cup free from defects.

Rated 90

DP Coffee Club offers one free sample per household, check out their website. 

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