Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Punch Sucker Punch King Hit

Exceptional value and big flavors is what this Sucker Punch, King Hit by Punch Cigars is all about. I've always been a punch fan and this cigar keeps the streak alive.

Since this King Hit is 6 x 54 Toro, it's size is the first thing you'll notice, second is the construction. This cigar is packed well full length and it's covered with an oily, silky smooth, Claro colored Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that's rolled on seamlessly. From the cold foot there are notes of hay and toast to the nose, while the free draw tastes of fruity, spicy cedar.

After toasting the foot the first full mouthfuls of mild bodied smoke had notes of heavy cream with white pepper spice. In the first half the burn was a bit wavy, but nowhere close to needing a correction, plus there were other flavors of sugar, toasted nuts, caramel and toasted marshmallows. By the mid point the burn was razor sharp and the strength moved into the medium body range. There were new flavors in the second half, sure the cream and spice was still there, but I found notes of flora, mild leather, sugary sweet cream with a hint of espresso. The cigar finished it's seventy minute burn in the medium/full range, with a tasty mix of caramel and toast.

Like I said in the beginning, Punch cigars are on my list of good smokes, but I think this is my new favorite. There wasn't a long list of flavors, but the flavors I found came, went, and most of the time, came back again making this a pretty complex cigar. Construction was top notch and the seventy minute burn was great.

You can pick one of these up for yourself online from Famous Smoke Shop for just $6.18 per stick, but  don't grab a single, this is a great cigar, grab a box. If you pick up a box they're only $4.72 per stick and that's a great value for these big flavors!

Rated 93

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