Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rocky Patel Platinum Box-Pressed Toro

This Rocky Patel Platinum Box-Pressed Toro is one fine looking cigar. To start, the construction of this stick is top of the line. It's box-pressed and covered in an oily, thick, seamless, Oscuro colored wrapper that shows only the finest of veins. The Platinum is packed well full length and finished off with a nice triple cap. 

Putting the cold foot to my nose there are spicy notes of cedar and after clipping the cap the free cold draw tastes like sweetened raisins. Once the foot of the Platinum is toasted and burning, the first medium bodied mouthfuls of smoke have flavor nuances of chocolate and earth. 

As the razor sharp burn moves up the body more flavors join in, you can taste cream, stone fruit, toast, lots more chocolate and some espresso. The cigar finishes it fifty-five minute burn with a full bodied flavor mix of cocoa, charred toast and white pepper. It was a pretty tasty mix!

Overall this was a fantastic cigar with super construction a nice burn and a well balanced flavor mix. 

You can pick these Rocky Patel Platinum's up at Famous-Smoke.com as singles, 5-packs or in boxes of 20.

Rated 94

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