Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SipDark Whiskey Stones

I like my whiskey "neat", but at the same time cold. Until now that problem was solved by keeping whiskey bottles in the freezer. That was pretty good solution most of the time but there isn't always time or room, plus the minute the whiskey hits the glass it starts to get warm. About a month ago I came across the SipDark.com website. After a few minutes of reading I thought to myself "These are pretty neat looking and I bet they really work". To make a long story short, I ended up with three SipDark products to review; Whiskey Stones, Steel Whiskey Stones and a LoBall Whiskey Sphere. So, let's get down to business and see how well each of these products performed.

For these tests I measured out and poured 2 ounces of whiskey in each glass. Temperature readings were taken of each sample after 5, 15 and 30 minutes. Each of the SipDark products were in the freezer for 6 hours before testing. 

Whiskey Stones: Sets of 3 or 6, custom engraving  is available.

Cut from natural soapstone, this set came packed in a box of 6 - 1" stones. As you can see one of the stones has SipDark's logo engraved.  

Temperature readings, 3 stones used. 
  • 5 minutes:  51 degrees
  • 15 minutes: 55 degrees
  • 30 minutes: 56 degrees
These worked well with only a 5 degree increase over 30 minutes.

Steel Whiskey Stones: Sets of 3 or 6, custom engraving  is available.

Made from stainless steel these 1" stones are polished with rounded edges and come in sets of 3 or 6. The set of 6 comes boxed and include a velvet carrying bag. 

Temperature readings, 3 stones used.
  • 5 minutes:  40 degrees
  • 15 minutes: 34 degrees
  • 30 minutes: 38 degrees
The steel stones continued to cool down the whiskey after the first 5 minutes with a 2 degree drop after 30 minutes. 

LoBall Whiskey Sphere: Custom engraving  is available.

Made from polished stainless steel, the LoBall Spheres are filled with a non-toxic liquid with a lower freezing point than water.

Temperature readings: 1 sphere used.

  • 5 Minutes  37 degrees
  • 15 Minutes 34 degrees'
  • 30 Minutes 35 degrees

Again the sphere continued to cool after the initial temperature reading and held the lowest temperature overall after 30 minutes.

All of the products did a great job, but the LoBall Whiskey Sphere was the clear winner being the quickest to cool, and keeping the whiskey at the lowest temperature.

Before reading this final test, SipDark recommends 1 stone per 1 ounce of liquid. I am clearly pushing the limits to see how they handle it.

As a final test, I used 6 Whiskey Stones, 6 Steel Whiskey Stones and the LoBall Sphere in separate glasses holding 12 ounces of diet Pepsi compared to about the same volume of ice. The results were pretty interesting.

  • 5 Minutes 47 degrees
  • 15 Minutes: 45 degrees
  • 30 Minutes: 47 degrees

Whiskey Stones:
  • 5 Minutes: 58 degrees
  • 15 Minutes: 60 degrees
  • 30 Minutes: 61 degrees

Steel Whiskey Stones:
  • 5 Minutes: 42 degrees
  • 15 Minutes: 44 degrees
  • 30 Minutes: 47 degrees

Loball Whiskey Sphere:
  • 5 Minutes: 44
  • 15 Minutes: 40
  • 30 Minutes: 45

The LoBall Sphere and the Steel Whiskey Stones were the winners getting the drink colder, faster, plus at the 30 minute mark, nearly all of ice had melted diluting the diet Pepsi. 

Even though I stretched the limits in the final test, these products from SipDark well exceeded my expectations and were solid performers, plus they look great in the glass. I like my whiskey cold, but without ice and to taste like whiskey, all of these products were up to the task. You won't go wrong with any of these products! Drop by the SipDark website and check them out. 

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