Monday, November 3, 2014

Starbucks Whole Bean Sumatra

Starbucks Whole Bean Sumatra
This is the coffee that started it all. Little did I know 20 years ago where the love of this Starbucks Sumatra Coffee would eventually lead me.

Deep, rich, notes of earth and chocolate hit your nose instantly when this bag is first opened. Once the coffee is ground the chocolate notes become even more pronounced and enticing.

As hot water is added for the pour-over, earthy, toasty, aromas take over and you can smell the rich brew from several feet away.

For this review I sampled this coffee using both the pour-over and auto-drip brewing methods.

From the pour-over I found the coffee a bit brighter than expected with a slightly brisk tartness. As the coffee cooled in the cup, the tartness faded a bit and it developed a more familiar, heavier, syrupy mouthfeel.

Once brewed by auto-drip, the tartness was more subdued and overall the coffee had a more balanced, heavier syrup-like mouthfeel.

Hot, the brewed coffee starts with notes of earth, charcoal and toast. As the coffee cools in the cup the chocolate notes develop and there are hints of caramel with toasted nuts. There is some natural sweetness in this coffee, but it's light enough that splash of cream or even a bit of sugar wont' over sweeten.

Overall this Starbucks Sumatra Coffee produced a nice sipping experience with good flavors, a nice mouthfeel and a clean cup. Give this coffee a try and see what you think!

Rated 89

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