Thursday, November 13, 2014

WordPress Hosting Review: Shared Hosting

Last week I launched a new WordPress site and Chose as my hosting company. If you're like me you want your WordPress site hosted with a company that not only understands the platform, but has the backbone, servers and up-time to give your readers a quality experience. Next time you're looking for a quality WordPress host try SecureWebs.

Opening their doors in 1995 SecureWebs is one of the first companies to offer dedicated server hosting and shared virtual hosting. They were also the first hosting company with enough vision to offer shared .Net hosting back in the day.

Sure, there are bigger hosting companies that have slick online setup forms and will sell you what ever you want, plus lots of extras but SecureWebs knows hosting and they will sell you just what you actually need, with world class support and at a fair price.

SecureWebs builds all there servers from scratch using high-quality, top-of-the-line components like SuperMicro motherboards, dual or better Xeon processors, ECC DDR 3 memory plus reliable solid state drives to keep your data safe and your site feeding out pages quickly.

At SecureWebs you can co-locate, rent dedicated Windows or Linux servers, or get shared hosting on either Windows or Linux. All shared accounts come with email  at no extra cost plus tons of other features. Their basic shared plan for $8.95 comes with web based email, a free domain name the first year, web base control panel and 2 MySQL data bases just to hit the highlights.

Check out then give them a call. They'll help size your account to best meet your needs without breaking the bank!

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