Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Buck Naked Stog-E Disposable E-Cigar

Buck Naked Stog-E Disposable E-Cigar
To tell you the truth, I'm having a good time reviewing these E-Cigars and puffing on this Buck Naked Stog-E Disposable E-Cigar is no exception. 

This Stog-E is covered with a durable Colorado Claro colored wrapper that tough enough to be chewed on and held between your teeth allowing hands free operation without causing any wrapper damage. There is a bit of a difference with this E-cigar, the head is made from a softer plastic so it feels more like chewing on a real cigar.

Size wise, the Stog-E measures about 6 x 46, close to a Toro in size, and it weighs in right at 1.3 ounces, (an average Toro cigar weighs in around .6 of an ounce for a comparison).

The e-cigar produces ample amounts of vapor with flavors that  are reminiscent of a mild cigar. There were notes of rum, brown sugar, fermented tobacco, and a bit of oak. Overall the mild flavors were pretty good. 

Again, reviewing this 1800 puff e-cigar has replaced over two packs of cigarettes and it's still going strong. So, not only has it payed for itself already, there are the added health benefits and I can have cigar-like pleasure in places where I can't smoke a real cigar. 

You can pick these up from Famous Smoke Shop for $14.45 each or if you purchase a 12 pack they're only $11.67 each and that's a deal. With my smoking habits each Stog-E should replace 4 -  5 packs of cigarettes and that's a win-win in my book!

Rated 9.7

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