Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cameroon AA Colorado Maduro Coffee By Milton Made

Cameroon AA Colorado Maduro Coffee By Milton Made
This Cameroon AA Colorado Maduro is my first attempt at a coffee review so please bare with me as my skills are honed.

Yesterday, the coffee I ordered from Milton Made arrived along with several samples. For years now I have wanted to try making coffee with a French Press so I ran out and picked up a Mr. Coffee French Press and grinder.
Tonight the house was empty so I decided to give the French Press a try and, let me tell you I am happy that I did. Once the beans were ground they had the perfect maduro aroma that a fine madruo wrapped cigar has. There were notes of chocolate, nuts, and it was slightly sweet.

While the coffee was steeping I pulled a La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte Salomon from the humidor, put a match to it and sat down to pound out one of the five cigar reviews that I'm currently behind on.

The coffee in the cup had a nice little oil slick going on top that looked inviting, so I took my first sip. All I could say was "wow"! This was hands down the best tasting coffee I had ever drank. The flavors from the coffee were a perfect match to the flavors from the cigar; I couldn't have picked a better pairing. Surprisingly, the coffee was light on the tongue and heavy on the palate sitting there nicely between sips and mixing well with the smoke from the cigar.

Overall, this coffee was fantastic there was no bitterness at all and it was totally non acidic. In the past I have ground my own beans, mainly from Starbucks and a friend I worked with, but nothing has ever came close to this. @BaristaOnDuty is a top notch roaster and all I can say is, give his products a try. I am sure you will be as impressed as I was.

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