Thursday, December 11, 2014

CAO Earthquake

CAO Earthquake Cigar
I've had this CAO Earthquake, from Cigar Train, tucked away in my humidor the past few months. I published a quick review on this cigar a back in may, but it really deserves more. So, let's do it!

The Earthquake is covered with a hearty and oily Maduro colored wrapper. Sure there are a few smaller veins in the wrapper, but it's rolled on seamlessly and it's topped by a nice triple cap. 

From the cold foot and free draw there are notes of sweet fermented tobacco mixed with hints of red wine. 

Once the foot is toasted and burning the Earthquake produces plumes of medium/full bodied smoke with big, flavorful notes of cocoa and tobacco.  As the fairly even burn moves up the cigar there are other flavors of brown sugar, leather, red wine, and charred oak. The seventy-five minute burn has a long full bodied finish with my favorite Maduro flavors, "burnt mocha". Very tasty indeed! 

In my quick review this CAO Earthquake earned a 92 rating. I enjoyed this cigar again so much that it's being bumped up to a well deserved 93. If you run across this cigar, I say, "grab one, or two or ..."!

Rated 93

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