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Davidoff Winston Churchill Cigar Range Has Officially Been Revealed

The new Davidoff Winston Churchill cigar range has officially been revealed at a pre-launch event on December 8, 2014 in New York

Basel, December 9, 2014. Davidoff announced the renaissance of a line of cigars bearing the name of and befitting the world’s most iconic cigar aficionado – Sir Winston Churchill.

Sir Winston Churchill was a man who was the very embodiment of “Time Beautifully Filled”: a man
who revelled in a varied life with its many experiences. A man of many layers and many dimensions. A man whose many facets added up to a personality which set him apart. Davidoff Cigars share the
same values. These qualities are reflected in this elegant multifaceted Winston Churchill range of
cigars from Davidoff. For these reasons, it is fitting that they bear his name and seal.

The aim was to craft this new range of exceptional cigars as uniquely diverse as the man who inspired them. The Davidoff Masterblenders have embraced and accomplished an exciting challenge: blending cigars of a complex character with a rich mixture of fine qualities drawing on and harmonising the tobaccos of Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The Great Man’s persona, the trait of character, was the inspiration for the chosen formats.

“We feel sure that Sir Winston would have enjoyed sharing one of these exceptional cigars which
surely do justice to one of the most celebrated cigar lovers in history: The Aristocrat, The Artist, The
Commander, The Raconteur, The Statesman, The Traveler – these are cigars of character,” said
Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, CEO of Oettinger Davidoff AG.

Randolph Churchill, Sir Winston’s great-grandson said: “A great cigar was Churchill’s favourite
travelling companion and, whether he was being Statesman, Commander, or dinner party guest, he
was rarely without one. As a descendent of American pioneers, through his mother Jennie Jerome of
New York, and of aristocratic British military figures - the Dukes of Marlborough - through his father, he knew the significance of history and the value of time. And he always had time for a cigar.”

This exclusive cigar range from Davidoff is composed of a new characterful blend. It is crafted with
tobaccos coming from four different countries. It took time, patience and perseverance to create these fine cigars, and to deliver these exceptional blends with the complex character and refined
sophistication aficionados would expect from Davidoff. The blend maintains the expected refinement
and elegance of a Davidoff cigar, while pushing particular palate stimulations and flavours further.
Strength of the blend is medium to full body with a wide palette of exciting flavours and aromas. The
cigars are adorned with a beautiful shiny and oily wrapper with a slight reddish touch. Due to the
different Seco tobaccos, the cigars deliver an excellent, even burn and a firm white ash.

Davidoff Winston Churchill cigar range has officially been revealed

Piloto Mejorado Seco (Dominican Republic)
Piloto Seco (Dominican Republic)
Hybrid Olor/Piloto Seco (Dominican Republic)
Esteli Seco (Nicaragua)
Condegas Seco (Nicaragua)

Negro San Andres (Mexico)

Ecuador Rojiza (Ecuador)

The Davidoff Winston Churchill cigar range

Petit Corona (41 RG x 4 ½ )
The Winston Churchill Petit Corona is the shortest cigar in the range. Due to the smaller RG and the
size, this cigar feels stronger and delivers less pronounced flavour nuances in the body. Beautiful
pepper flavours together with dark coffee and toasty notes are dominating. Available in boxes of 20
Petit Corona cigars.

Robusto (52 RG x 5 ¼ )
The strength is slightly decreased and the flavors are more overt. The complexity of the cigar is more amplified and the flavours more pronounced. Leather with dark coffee flavours take a front role with a creamy aftertaste. Available in boxes of 20 Robusto cigars.

Churchill (47 RG x 6 7/8 )
In this majestic format, the aromas are more pronounced, the flavours are multiple and the nuances of the different tobaccos are more independent. The body of the cigar is very present, and the mouthfeel smoke delivers beautiful flavours of chilli pepper and cedar wood in the beginning, leather and roasted flavours in the second third, and finishes off with creamy and nutty notes. Available in boxes of 20 Churchill cigars.

Toro (54 RG x 6)
Carrying the largest ring gauge in the Winston Churchill range, it is a grand cigar, from the first spicy, leathery, woody notes through the creamy, sweet influences of the Mexican binder to the final
triumphant mix of flavours, courtesy of the Nicaraguan filler tobaccos from Esteli and Condegas.
Available in boxes of 20 Toro cigars.

Launch and availability
Davidoff has created its new Winston Churchill packaging with the utmost care and attention. The
wooden cigar boxes have been lovingly crafted in an elegant white design showcasing the iconic
silhouette of Sir Winston Churchill.

The Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars will be available to cigar aficionados at selected Appointed
Merchants in the US, starting in February 2015, and at Depositaires/Davidoff Flagship Stores
worldwide from March 2015.

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