Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe From Roast House Coffee

Over the past two years Ethiopian coffee has became one of my favorite coffees to brew. Today we look at another Ethiopian Yirgacheffe From Roast House Coffee. Sipping coffee brewed from these light, City roast, beans the first thing that comes to mind is the word "complex". Let's take a look and see why.

Dry, the beans gave off a fantastic aroma mix of toast and pecans. Once the beans were ground and wet from the pour-over, the aroma was sweet, spicy and fruity. The aroma changed again once the pour-over was complete. From the cup the brewed coffee aromas were buttery, with light sweet and spicy hints. 

Sipping the hot brew the first sips were brisk, light and bright with a clean mouthwatering mouth feel. As the coffee cooled in the cup, the coffee became smoother as acidity dropped a bit.

Through the temperature range there were flavor notes that would best be described as sweet and sour. There were flavor nuances of sweet stone fruit, caramel, nuts and a hint of lime. 

So now you know why I say "complex". Within each phase of the grinding and brewing process there were new aromas, plus flavor shifts from the cup. 

Overall this Ethiopian Yirgacheffe From Roast House Coffee produced a clean cup free from defects, with a balance that matched the flavor profile. If you've never tried Ethiopian Coffee, you're really missing out on a treat. 

Rated 92

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