Monday, December 15, 2014

Flor de Oliva Gold Toro

Flor de Oliva Gold Toro
Here's another nice budget stick I had the opportunity to smoke a couple days ago, the Flor de Oliva Gold Toro.

Construction of this Gold Toro was what you'd expect from a $10.00 stick. It was firmly packed full length, the claro colored wrapper is rolled on in seamless fashion over the long Nicaraguan fillers, it contains only the finest of veins and it's topped with a triple cap.

From the cold foot there were mild notes of toast to the nose and after punching the cap, the firm draw had a toasted nuts flavor. After toasting and lighting the Gold, the first mild bodied mouthfuls of smoke tasted like sweet cream. As the sharp burn moved up the cigar there were other flavors of spice, nuts, sugar, caramel and toast. In the final third the flavor changed drastically, there were notes of hay followed by lots of tongue burning red pepper. I was into the cigar fifty minutes, but at that point, I was done. It probably would have lasted another fifteen minutes. 

My guess is, that with a bit more humidor time the pepper will probably go away, at least that's what I've found in the past with peppery claro colored cigars.

Still with a fifty minute burn to the band this cigar is a deal. You can pick these up in bundles of 20 for only $47.50 and Neptune Cigar.

Rated 88

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