Monday, December 1, 2014

Foundry Tobacco Company Rare Air AP-AD

Foundry Cigars Rare Air AP-AD
I grabbed this Rare Air AP-AD, by Foundry Tobacco Company from the Legends of Fire Humidor on my last visit and reviewed it while sipping some coffee and watching the Gonzaga game.

It's true, I'm a real fan of Foundry cigars. I like the cigar names, the cigar boxes and most of all the cigars!

Holding this Rare Air in my hand, I see a cigar so glossy that it looks like the thick, hearty and toothy, Oscuro wrapper has been dipped in oil. The cigar is packed well full length and while the thick wrapper has a few smaller veins, it sure looks tasty.

From the foot there are notes of cocoa and dry hay to the nose, and I can taste the same flavors in the free cold draw.

Once the cigar is burning, the first full bodied mouthfuls of smoke taste like creamy chocolate and the wrapper leaves behind a nice chocolate aftertaste on the lips. Simply delicious! As the burn moves up the cigar there are other flavor notes of chocolate, toast, caramel, oak, espresso and even more chocolate. The Rare Air finishes it's sixty minute burn with another flavor mix change. The cigar flavors transform into my favorite cigar flavor, "burnt mocha." Burnt mocha is the finish I look for from a Maduro or Oscuro wrapped cigar, it's a mix of coffee, cream, chocolate and charcoal. 

I thought the Rare Air AP-AD, was a fantastic cigar, it had fantastic flavors, construction and burn. If you haven't tried a Foundry Tobacco Company cigar, now is the time. This Rare Air just can't be beat!

Rated 96

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