Friday, December 19, 2014

La Aurora Connecticut Corona - Mid Atlantic Exclusive

Well here we go, this is review number four of the new release from La Aurora Cigars, the Mid-Atlantic exclusive Corona. These new Coronas are a copy of the Preferido line  in every way, except size. 

Starting with a seamless wrapper this cigar just keeps getting better and better. The cigar is packed well full length and Claro colored shows only the finest of veins. A triple cap nicely tops off this good looking little cigar.

From the cold foot there are notes of spiced tea while the free cold draw has a sweet and spicy taste.

Once the cigar is toasted and burning there are initial mild bodied flavors of sweet cream mixed with sugar. As the razor sharp burn moves up the body other flavors of oak, toast, caramel and leather join into the mix. After forty-five minutes this Corona had a surprising finish as the strength unexpectedly and quickly moved in the medium/full range. Just to flaunt its power, the final flavors from this cigar are a mix of leather, sugar and oak. I didn't expect these flavors or the strength in the finish, but I did enjoy it and I bet you will too!

Rated 93

There are six different wrappers in this release making this the forth in a six part series. The other two reviews will be coming down the pipe soon. La Aurora Cigars are distributed by Miami Cigar and Company.

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