Tuesday, December 9, 2014

La Aurora Corojo Corona - Mid-Atlantic Exclusive

Welcome to review number two of the new exclusive "Mid-Atlantic" release from La Aurora Cigars. These La Aurora Corona's mimic the Preferido line in wrapper, binder and filler. 

Here's another nice cigar, the La Aurora Mid-Atlantic Release Corojo Corona. This cigar is covered by an oily, nearly vein free, Colorado Claro colored Corojo wrapper. The cigar has seamless construction and it's topped with a triple cap. It's a nice looking, well constructed cigar. 

The cold draw's a bit firm, but OK and it has nuances of sweet fermented tobacco as does the foot. Once the foot is toasted and burning the first medium bodied flavors are a mix of mild black pepper, toast and leather. As the straight burn line moves up the body, an oily gloss begins on the wrapper, plus there are other flavors of brown sugar, earth, anise, spicy cedar and raisins. After fifty-five minutes the cigar finishes with in the full body range with flavors of earth and molasses. 

Nice flavors, nice construction, nice burn time, nice cigar! 

There are six wrappers in this release so this is the second of a six part series. The other four reviews will be coming down the line soon. La Aurora Cigars are distributed by Miami Cigar and Company

Rated 93

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