Monday, December 1, 2014

Ninfamaniac By Crux Cigars

I smoked this Ninfamaniac By Crux Cigars the other night while at the Legends of Fire Lounge. It was my goal to smoke a couple of cigars and not freeze my Cheap Ash off outside in the cold! It worked. This Ninfamaniac is another stick that came in last month's cigar of the month club package from Cigar Train my favorite Spokane cigar store.

Construction of this Cuban Ninfa style cigar was like everything I've seen so far from Crux Cigars, flat-out, top-of-the-line. The cigar is covered in an oily, Colorado colored, Habano Jalapa wrapper that's basically seamless and vein free. It's well packed full length, plus the cap and foot are both tapered. All this makes the Ninfamaniac one good looking cigar. 

After clipping both ends and lighting the cigar, the draw was free with mild bodied notes of fruit and cinnamon. As the razor sharp burn moved up the cigar there were other notes of brown sugar, toast, leather and a few interesting flavors I couldn't really place. The cigar ended it's fifty-five minute burn in the medium body range with a nice sweet and spicy caramel flavored finish. 

The Ninfamaniac By Crux Cigars, is 7 x 33 which isn't my normal cigar size, but it provided a fantastic smoking experience with it's great flavor profile, nice burn time and superior construction. If you get a chance to smoke this cigar, don't pass it up!

Rated 93

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