Wednesday, December 10, 2014

One Life E-Cigar

Here's another six part series of reviews, but this time I'm switching gears a bit and reviewing E-Cigars. I know you're thinking "E-Cigars, what's up with that"? Well, E-Cigars fill a couple needs for me. One, I can smoke an E-cigar while I'm working, meaning fewer smoke breaks. Second, it means fewer cigarettes, and I really do want to stop smoking those.

I've been puffing and chewing on this One Life E-Cigar for the better part of two days now. The E-Cigar itself measures about 5.25" x 40 ring, about the same size as a typical Corona. Checking the weight on my coffee scale it comes in right at 1 oz. (an average of a few Toro's in my humidor weigh in at .6 oz. each), so that's not so bad. It's light enough to hold in my mouth as I sit here typing away. The end cap and wrapper are pretty durable, so far hours of holding this stick between my teeth hasn't caused any visible damage. 

Flavor wise this stick does have a mild "typical" cigar flavor. When you take a puff the vapor tastes like a mix of raw sugar and fermented tobacco. It's close enough to an extra mild cigar that it fits the bill for me. It has has a fairly easy draw but I personally like a bit more vapor from an E-product. 

The package says this One Life E-Cigar will give off 1500 puffs. I don't puff count these, that's better handled by a machine, but I've used it several hours and it's still going strong. Overall it's a pretty good unit. The best thing about this stick is the price. Famous Smoke Shop sells this E-Cigar for only $14.45 per stick and I think that's a great price.

Again, I'm not looking for cigar replacement, but this One Life E-Cigar lets me enjoy a cigar-like experience at times when I can't smoke a cigar. 

Rated 9 out of 10