Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sumatran From Roast House Coffee

Sumatan From Roast House Coffee
About a week ago I had the opportunity to visit Roast House Coffee and spend about an hour talking coffee and roasting with owner Deborah Di Bernardo. It was an informative session and I walked away with several coffee samples to review. For the first review I chose their medium roast Sumatran.

Even from the bag, this coffee had big, full bodied aromas of cocoa, nuts and coffee. Once the beans were ground and wet from the pour-over the aromas of flora, cocoa and beef steak nearly filled the room.

Once the pour-over was complete the first hot sips were smooth and syrupy with a hint of bright acidity that lingered in my mouth. The cupped aroma was earthy, with a noticeable amount of spice. 

While the Roast House Sumatran has complex body characteristics, there were sweet and spicy flavors of cinnamon, pecans and cocoa with an underlying hint of earthiness. 

This whole bean Sumatran From Roast House Coffee, brewed into a flavorful and complex cup of coffee. The medium city roast seem to have brought out flavors and a bit of complexity not found in the caramelized versions I've reviewed. Well done Roast House Coffee!

Rated 93

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