Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The King Is Dead - Broken Sword by Caldwell Cigars

The King Is Dead - Broken Sword by Caldwell Cigars
I've wanted to try cigars from the Caldwell Cigar Company for some time now, I just hadn't found any. Last month the Cigar of the Month Club package from Cigar Train was packed full of Caldwell Cigars. For my first review I chose to smoke The King Is Dead, Broken Sword. 

This Broken Sword is 5 x 40 and it starts with fantastic construction. It's covered by a seamless, nearly vein free Colorado Claro colored wrapper and finished off with a pig tail cap. From the cold foot there's a mild sweet tea aroma and the free draw has notes of buttery, spicy cedar.

Once the foot is toasted and burning, the cigar there are mild bodied flavors of sugar in the raw, toast and caramel. You'll see this cigar also produces a nice volume of smoke from both ends. In the second half it moves into the medium body range and the flavors take on more of an earthy balance with nuances of oak, earth and barnyard.

After fifty minutes the flavors shift again and the cigar finishes with notes of sweet caramel mixed with toasted oak. It was a darn tasty finish.

For a first experience with a Caldwell Cigar Company cigar, it was a good one!

Rated 93

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