Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Nestor Miranda Collection From Miami Cigar and Company

I had the chance to smoke these three cigars in the new Nestor Miranda Collection from Miami Cigar & Company, early this summer and have since smoked several more of each. These are nice cigars and if you haven't tried them yet you really should!

Blue Label
Construction of this cigar is top-of-the-line. The Colorado Claro colored wrapper is nearly vein free and is rolled on with seamless skill. There is also a tight fitting triple cap to top every thing off.

Cold aromas feature sweet tea from the foot and the free cold draw tastes a bit like chai tea. With the first puffs the mild bodied smoke has a mellow sweet cream flavoring. The cream is soon followed by toast, caramel, leather, oak and some mild black pepper. In the final third there is a medium bodied finish of cream and brown sugar.

Rated 93

Green Label
This firmly packed cigar is wrapped in a seamless habano wrapper that contains only small veins and it's topped of with a triple cap. From the foot there is a sweet tea aroma while the firm draw tastes like white pepper and ripe tree fruit.

As the medium bodied cigar burned there was a nice flavor mix consisting of sweet tea, white pepper, oak, caramel, ripe tree fruit, rich fermented tobacco and a toast with brown sugar finish. A one point in time the smoke had a dry red wine type finish. I don't find that in a cigar very often, but I like it.

As this Green Label burned, it was a bit wavy, but it never needed correction and gave me a full fifty-five minutes of smoking pleasure.

Rated 92

Nestor Miranda Collection (Red) Maduro Robusto Cigar
Red Label
Overall this cigar was great. Construction of this firmly packed cigar was top-notch from head to foot. The maduro colored wrapper was practically vein free, the seams were all tight and there's a triple cap to top it off.

Cold, there were notes of coca from the foot and the free draw had notes of spicy fruit. Once toasted and burning there were medium bodied flavors of black pepper, fruit, peat, anise, dark chocolate, charcoal and toast. The cigar finished in the full bodied range with a pleasant mixture of fruit, charcoal and cocoa. It was a pretty tasty cigar. While burning, it produced a large volume of smoke with a semi-dry finish and it had a sweet lingering aftertaste.

The burn was sharp full length, but the forty-five minute smoking time left me wanting a bit more of this cigar.

Rated 92

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