Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tryst No. 2 Robusto E-Cigar Kona Coffee

Tryst No. 2 Robusto E-Cigar
Today we review another E-Cigar, the Tryst No. 2 Robusto in Kona Coffee flavor. To tell you the truth, I'm really enjoying these E-Cigar reviews and here's why...

The Tryst No. 2 Robusto is about the size of a Robusto cigar, but it's shaped like a torpedo with the end clipped. I've found this shape makes this E-Cigar a bit harder to hold between my teeth while typing. It's the Colorado Claro colored wrapper, in this shape it seems a bit slick and I loose my grip on it once in a while. 

Weight wise it comes in at 1.1 oz. While that's  bit heavier than a real cigar, it feels enough like the real thing that I find myself puffing on it and not inhaling. 

Again, after the better part of two days, the wrapper shows no signs of wear and the unit is still going strong. The box states it's the equivalent of eight cigars, so i'll probably get a couple more days of part time smoking. Just an estimate, but it's already saved me about two packs of smokes so it will more than pay for itself. 

This unit is Kona Coffee flavor and I can actually taste the coffee, plus sugar in the vapor. It's pretty tasty. Another big point is the draw and vapor volume. The No. 2 produces the most vapor and has the easiest draw of any E-Cigars I've tested so far. 

Overall I've been really impressed with this Tryst E-Cigar. It has a durable wrapper, great flavor and it produces a huge volume of vapor. Famous Smoke Shop sells these in 12 packs for $152.99. If it's really the equivalent of eight cigars, which I think it will be, that means a 12 pack equals 96 real cigars making this Tryst No. 2 Robusto E-Cigar a real deal!

I would just like to add, I'm not looking for a cigar replacement, but I like E-Cigars because I can smoke them in places where I can't light up a real cigar, plus they contain American made e-juice.

Rated 9.6

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