Wednesday, December 31, 2014

William Church Syrah 2012 Columbia Valley Wine

Well since this is the last post for 2104, I thought something special might be kind of nice to write about. I'm a White Zinfandel kind of person, but most of my adult life I've been searching for a red wine that suites my odd palate. The quest has been long, and some times tedious, but a few weeks ago at a William Church Winery event held at The Cork & Tap my goal was achieved and the life time quest was over.  

Since I'm  not a wine expert, I'll only pass along my experience with this wine and won't try rating it. I'm just a person that enjoys a glass, or bottle, of wine now and then. 

This William Church Syrah 2012 Columbia Valley Wine starts in the glass with a big, fruity bouquet reminiscent of sweet, yet tart blackberries. Sipping this Syrah, it was light, smooth and slightly sweet, with a fruity, dusty, spicy finish. There was a slightly tart finish, but there was no bitterness and it left a pleasant aftertaste on the palate. 

Like I said, this is the first red wine that I have honestly liked. In fact I liked it so much that I brought a bottle home after the tasting. But, with all this said, it ends up as my #2 red wine. I'll post a review of my #1 red wine, also produced by the William Church Winery, in the next few days.

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