Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Cigar Of The Year- Rare Air by Foundry Cigars

It's true, I'm a real fan of Foundry cigars. I like the cigar names, the cigar boxes and most of all the cigars!

However, if you look closely at the Rare Air in the picture, you'll see some of the reasons it's my #1 Cigar for 2014. It's oily, it's toothy, it has nearly invisible seams and it just looks great sitting there.

Although the construction is top of line, the complex mix of sweet, chocolaty, creamy, earthy flavors are what earned this Rare Air it's 96 point rating. In fact with over 300 cigars reviewed in 2014 it earned the only 96 rating.

I thought the Rare Air AP-AD, was a fantastic cigar, it had superb flavors, impeccable construction and a razor sharp burn. If you haven't tried a Foundry Tobacco Company cigar, now is the time. This Rare Air just can't be beat!

For more details take a look at the full review on the Rare Air AP-AD

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