Saturday, January 3, 2015

Café De Americas from Roast House Coffee

Roast House Coffee Café De Americas
From the bag this Café De Americas from Roast House Coffee has a pleasant and sweet toffee aroma. Being the first whole bean blend I've tried from Roast House, I'm pretty excited to give this coffee a try.

Again, these beans are medium, city +, roast in color, with a dry looking appearance. Once the beans are ground into coffee the toffee aroma intensifies and a mild note of cocoa appears. 

The first hot sips were soft, smooth and well balanced with syrupy wash across the palate. As the coffee cools the mouthfeel softens and the syrupiness gets a bit heavier.

All through the temperature range the coffee has sweet, creamy flavors of caramel and milk chocolate.

While this Café De Americas from Roast House Coffee didn't brew into a complex cup, the flavors and mouthfeel were smooth and creamy with a defect free, clean cup.

Give this coffee a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Rated 94

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