Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CAO Nasty Nutcracker Natural

CAO Nasty Nutcracker Natural
I believe that now all the "Holiday Series" cigars from CAO Cigars are in my humidor. I won a box of Nasty Nutcrackers from Rick Rodriguez at the Legends of Fire CAO event a couple of months back. 

This 6 1/2" x 52 cigar is draped in a seamless, vein free, silky smooth, claro colored wrapper that's topped off with a triple cap. From both the cold foot and the free draw there are faint notes of floral toasted tobacco. 

Once the foot is toasted and burning there are medium bodied flavors of toasted nuts, cream and raw sugar with lots of creamy smoke from both ends of the cigar.

As the crisp burn line moves up the body there are hints of black pepper that show up for a puff or two then disappear. This is followed by nuances of toast, leather and oak. 

The Nutcracker finished its slow eighty minute burn in the medium/full range with a nice flavor mix of oak and leather. 

Despite the medium/full bodied finish, I think this CAO Nasty Nutcracker is a fine breakfast type cigar. The flavors start off mild then builds the longer it burns. If you happen to find one, try it, I think you'll like it. Plus, it has great band art! That's reason enough for me. 

The other holiday cigars are now in my review rotation and should be hitting the pages soon. Keep an eye out for them. 

Rated 92

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