Thursday, January 15, 2015

Eiroa Cigars Maduro Robusto

Eiroa Maduro Robusto
Every once in a while something just hits you buy surprise. That's what the Eiroa Cigars Maduro Robusto did to me. Until a few days ago I knew nothing about this cigar and boy have I been missing out on a great stick!

The Eiroa Cigars Maduro Robusto is covered with a stout, toothy, and oily Oscuro colored wrapper. I was surprised that such stout wrapper, had such fine veins, plus it's rolled on with seamless skill and topped off by a hearty triple cap.

Checking the cold aromas, the foot had vivid notes of coco-puffs cereal while the free draw had mixed flavors of chocolate and toasty tobacco. However the cold aromas shouldn't be to surprising considering both the wrapper and binder are Maduro. 

Well the cold flavors and aromas from this cigar were great, but once the foot is toasted and burning the cigar shows its true colors. The first puffs were medium bodied with distinct notes of dark chocolate, while the wrapper leaves behind a pleasant chocolate aftertaste on the lips. As the crisp burn line moves up the body, there are other flavors of toast, fermented tobacco, anise, charcoal, brown sugar, espresso, and burnt oak, plus a hint of black pepper that keeps peeking out here and there. 

This Eiroa Cigars Maduro Robusto finished its sixty minute burn with a smooth, delicious, full bodied mix of charcoal, coffee and a hint of cream--my favorite burnt mocha flavor. 

Overall I though this cigar was just fantastic. It had smooth yet complex and bold flavors, top notch construction, plus a great burn. You can find this fantastic cigar at for $10.89 as a single or you can grab your own box of 20 for $182.99. 

Rated 95

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