Monday, January 26, 2015

E.P. Carrillo Encantos

E.P. Carrillo Encantos
This E.P. Carrillo Encantos is another first for me. It's the first chance I've had to smoke any of the E.P. Carrillo line of cigars. 

Covered in a thick and hearty Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, this Encantos looks rugged and packed with flavor. The wrapper itself shows some nice tooth and has fine veins for such a stout wrapper. It's rolled on the cigar with tight seams and finished off with a tight triple cap. From the cold foot there are notes of toasty, fermented tobacco while the free draw tastes a bit like dark chocolate. 

The first flavors from the burning cigar were a medium bodied mix of cocoa, light black pepper and earth. By the mid point both the pepper and earth had faded away leaving behind notes of smooth, creamy chocolate. 

After fifty minutes the Encantos finished its burn staying in the medium body range with flavors of charred oak mixed with a lot more chocolate.

With the smooth creamy chocolate flavor mix this E.P. Carrillo Encantos definitely falls into my "chocolate bomb" category. It's worth mentioning that this wrapper left behind a nice chocolate aftertaste on my lips. That's a big plus for me. 

Additionally, I paired the Encantos with the Grizzly Claw coffee, roasted by Kicking Horse Coffee, I reviewed a couple weeks back. The coffee and the cigar were a really nice pairing. While the coffee didn't effect the cigar flavors, the cigar nicely enhanced the chocolate and earth notes in the coffee. 

You can find these E.P. Carrillo Encantos cigars at priced at only $28.99 per pack of 5, there are boxes and singles available too. If you like chocolate bombs like I do, you'll like this cigar!

Rated 92

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