Wednesday, January 14, 2015

India Chikmagalur From Mad Rush Coffee

Madhouse Whole Bean Coffee
Mad Rush Coffee
India Chikmagalur
Origin: Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India
Roast: Light/Medium
Brewing method: Pour-over
Price: $14.50 - 12 oz. 

This complex experience with whole bean India Chikmagalur from Mad Rush Coffee begins as you first open the bag. Big aromas of cocoa, nuts, toast with hints of ginger and cinnamon rush out to greet your nose.

The city + roast beans are both uniform in size and color. Once the beans are ground the aromas change, both dry and wet the aromas of caramel, toasted nuts and just a bit of stone fruit take over.

After completing the pour-over, the cupped aroma had notes of sweet caramel, toast, nuts and a hint of burning campfire. 

The first sips were lightly sweet, and bright with a crisp, clean mouthfeel. There were flavors of sweet caramel, sandalwood, hints of cocoa, plus toasted nuances of nuts and oak. As the coffee cools in the cup, the brightness fades as syrupiness increases and the notes of caramel rise to the top in the flavor mix. 

Overall this India Chikmagalur From Mad Rush Coffee brewed a delicious cup free from defect. If you like your coffee bright and flavorful this would be a great roast to try!

Rated 95

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