Monday, January 12, 2015

Java Delight Costa Rican Whole Bean Coffee

Java Delight Coffee
Costa Rican
Origin: Costa Rica 
Roast: Medium
Brewing method: Pour-over & Auto-drip
Price: $8 - 16 oz. 

Here's another supermarket over-the-counter coffee review, the Java Delight Costa Rican Whole Bean Coffee sold by SuperValu

Once this whole bean Costa Rican coffee is ground there's a pleasant aroma of nuts, sweet stone fruit, perhaps plum, and a hint of cocoa. 

Wet from the pour-over the aroma transforms and there are hints of warm bream and toasted almonds that radiate several feet. 

From the cup there's a warm buttery aroma of snow peas. The first sips are smooth, sweet and on the brisk side, plus there's a mouthwatering palate wash that leaves your mouth feeling clean. The coffee is slightly sweet with flavors of toasted almonds and a hint of snow peas. 

I also brewed this coffee using the auto-drip method. The flavors were a bit flatter and more on the mild side with a heavier, smoother mouthfeel, leaving a pleasant nutty aftertaste.

Overall both brewing methods produced an enjoyable cup of coffee free from defect leaving clean cup. For a store-run-off-the-shelf coffee, this Java Delight Costa Rican is pretty nice.

Rated 91

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