Monday, January 19, 2015

Kenya Kiangoi From Velton's Coffee

Velton's Coffee - Evert, WA
Kenya Kiangoi

Country: Kenya
Reigon: Ngariama, Central Province, Kirinyaga East,
Roast: Light/Medium
Brewing method: Pour-over - French press
Price: $20.00 - 16 oz.

For my personal tastes I would classify this Kenya Kiangoi From Velton's Coffee as a desert roast. With its complex flavor mix I think this coffee would be a fantastic conclusion to a hearty lunch or dinner. 

Opening the bag, pleasant aromas of sweet caramel, cocoa and tart fruit rise to greet your nose. Once the city + roasted beans are ground the aroma of tart cherries takes the lead, but the sweet notes of caramel are still present. Doing the pour-over the coffee produces a frothy bloom with notes of black cherries, caramel and a hint of toast.

Aromas from the cup were a delicate mix of caramel and a hint of berries. The first sips were bright, clean and tart, but at the same time there was smooth, clean, mouthwatering palate wash.

The first flavors were a sweet and savory mix of caramel and tart cherries with just a hint of saltiness--a really delicious flavor combination. As the coffee cooled in the cup the already pronounced caramel flavors increase and a syrupy mouthfeel develops bringing up the complexity of the cup. 

I also brewed this Kenya Kiangoi in a French press with quite different results. The pressed coffee produced flavors of tart cherries mixed with blackberries and a drier red wine type finish. It was interesting that the caramel didn't appear in the mix until the coffee was at the lower end of the temperature scale. 

Overall this whole bean Kenya Kiangoi, from Velton's Coffee produced a high quality cup of coffee, free from defect, with two completely different flavor profiles depending upon the brewing method. No matter which brewing method you choose, this coffee will produce a flavorful brew.

Rated 92

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