Friday, January 23, 2015

PDR Cigars Small Batch Reserve Maduro Double Toro

PDR Cigars Small Batch Reserve Toro
This PDR Cigars Small Batch Reserve Maduro Double Toro is the first PDR cigar I've had the opportunity to smoke and to be honest, it was fantastic! PDR hits a flavor home run with this stick. Let's see what the Small Batch Reserve Maduro is all about.

Covered in a toothy, oily, stout maduro colored wrapper this cigar looks great. It has seamless construction, a few medium veins, a tight triple cap and it's packed firmly full length. 

From the cold foot there is an aroma of fermented tobacco, while the free cold draw reminds me of a fruity, dry, red wine. 

Once the cap was perforated with the PerfDog, I lit the cigar with a cedar spill from The first medium/full bodied puffs gave me a large blast of great tasting cocoa. Within a few minutes the fruity red wine found earlier joined in and the flavors were reminiscent of sipping a fine red wine paired with dark chocolate. Simply delicious! 

As the burn progressed up the body the body moved to full and there were additional flavors of toast, charcoal and anise. In the final third the burn ran up the side a bit and needed a correction, but that was the only burn problem. After seventy minutes the Small Batch Reserve finished with a mix of chocolate and charcoal. 

Being my first experience with a PDR cigar I was definitely impressed. Other than the burn problem this cigar was fantastic. It had an amazing flavor mix and top notch construction. If you're like me and haven't tried any of the PDR blends this is a great cigar to start your journey with. You can pick up your own PDR Cigars Small Batch Reserve Maduro from

Rated 93

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