Friday, January 30, 2015

Rwanda Organic Kigeyo Kivu From Doma Coffee

Doma Coffee Rwanda organic - Kigeyo Kivu
Doma Coffee Roasting Company - Post Falls, ID
Organic Kigeyo Kivu

Country: Rwanda
Roast: Medium - full city
Brewing method: French press
Price: $15.50 - 12 oz.

Deep, rich, complex and well balanced best describes this Rwanda Organic Kigeyo Kivu From Doma Coffee Roasting Company

From, the bag, wet, and from the cup this roast radiates magnificent notes of sweet caramel to the nose. There are other aromas of cocoa, charred oak, pecans and sweet tree fruit mixed in, but it's the caramel that stands out from the crowd.

The first sips are bold and syrupy with a heavy, but smooth mouthfeel, Yet at the same time there's an unexpected sweetness that washes across the palate. There are decadent flavors of pecans and sweet caramel, with just a hint of charred oak from the hot cup. As the coffee cools, the mouthfeel becomes a bit lighter, softer and even smoother, plus a bit of lime begins to develop. 

This full city roast Rwanda produced surprisingly rich flavors and a smooth, comforting mouthfeel. The coffee was free from defect and produced a clean cup. If you like rich, bold, coffee, this Rwanda Organic Kigeyo Kivu From the Doma Coffee Roasting Company would be a great roast to try. 

Rate 93

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