Wednesday, January 7, 2015

There's A New Six-Lion Pride On The Loose: The La Aurora Cigars Mid Atlantic Coronas

There's a new pride of lions on the loose and it's in your best interests to capture them if you can. Meet La Aurora's newest six cigar release the Mid-Atlantic exclusive Coronas. These Cigars mimic the Preferido line in every detail, (wrapper, binder and filler), except their size and shape. 

La Aurora Cameroon Corona Cigar
Being the first of the six this Cameroon Corona is covered by a nice Colorado Claro colored wrapper that's seamless and nearly vein free. As it burns there are medium bodied flavors of toast, barnyard, sugar, caramel, white pepper and charred oak. The fifty-five minute burn finished with a tasty mix of mild black pepper and anise. Rated 92

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Nice flavors, nice construction and a nice burn time are what this Corojo Corona is all about. It's covered by an oily, nearly vein free, Colorado Claro colored wrapper that's seamless and it's topped of with a triple cap. The cold draw's a bit firm, but OK and there are medium bodied flavors of mild black pepper, toast, leather, brown sugar, earth, anise, spicy cedar and raisins. After fifty-five minutes the cigar finishes in the full body range with mix of earth and molasses. Rated 93

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La Aurora Broadleaf Corna Cigar - Mid Atlanic Exclusive
The Broadleaf Corona is covered by a thick, oily, Oscuro colored wrapper, with tight seams and a few smaller veins. Checking the cold aromas of this firmly packed stick, there are notes of toasted cocoa from both the foot and the free cold draw. Once burning there are medium bodied flavors of mild black pepper, cocoa, brown sugar, toast and caramel. In the second half the burn gets a bit wavy, but doesn't need a correction plus there are flavors of raisin, charcoal, more caramel and chocolate. The cigar finishes it's fifty minute burn with full bodied flavors of sweet charred brown sugar and chocolate. A really tasty finish! Rated 94

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Starting with a seamless wrapper this Connecticut cigar just keeps getting better and better. The cigar is packed well full length and seamless Claro colored wrapper shows only the finest of veins. Once the cigar is burning there are mild bodied flavors of sweet cream, sugar, oak, toast, caramel and leather. After forty-five minutes this Corona had a surprising finish as the strength unexpectedly and quickly moved in the medium/full range. Just to flaunt its power, the final flavors were mix of leather, sugar and oak. Rated 93 

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La Aurora Connecticut Ecuador - Mid Atlantic Exclusive
Covered with an oily, seamless, nearly vein free, Colorado Claro colored wrapper, this Ecuador Corona looks good before you even light it up. There are initial mild bodied flavors of cream and fruit. As the razor sharp burn progresses up the body there are other flavors of white pepper, caramel and light hint of leather. This Corona gave me forty-five minutes of smoking pleasure and finished in the medium body range with a spicy sweet cream flavor mix. With its sweet, creamy flavors this is my kind of breakfast cigar! Rated 93

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Just like the previous five cigars the La Aurora Maduro Corona had impeccable construction. It's covered in a thick, hearty, toothy, seamless and nearly vein free, dark Maduro colored wrapper. After toasting and lighting the foot the medium bodied flavor of pure cocoa hits you right up front. As the sharp burn line moves up the cigar there are added flavors toast and molasses. Around the mid point the body shifts into the full range plus there are new flavors of white pepper, brown sugar and even some floral notes. The Maduro Corona finished it's fifty minute burn with a tasty burnt mocha flavor mix. Rated 93

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Overall each of these cigars were tasty and had great construction. La Aurora Cigars are distributed by Miami Cigar and Company and I would like to thank both companies for the opportunity to review this new line. 

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