Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tryst No. 2 Robusto Brandy E-Cigar

Featuring e-juice made in the USA, these Tryst e-cigars are a pretty sweet deal. The No. 2 Robusto Brandy is another great example of a cigarette alternative that give me cigar-like satisfaction indoors or wherever I can't smoke a real cigar.

Like the last Tryst reviews, I've been puffing on the No. 2 the past two days while writing. Other than its brandy flavor, this Brandy model is just like the the other No. 2's. The tapered head makes it easy to hold hands-free between your teeth, the wrapper is durable showing no signs of wear, it produces a large volume of vapor and the brandy flavored e-juice tastes fantastic. 

You probably know I'm not much of a flavored cigar person, but these American made e-juices from Tryst have fantastic flavor, this brandy is really close to tasting like brandy. I've tried other flavored e-cigarette products in the past and the flavors don't compare at all to the Tryst e-cigar flavors.

Add together the great taste, the health benefits and the reduced cigarette costs, Tryst e-cigars are a real winner for me. Give them a try!

You can find Tryst e-cigars at Famous Smoke Shop. The No. 2 Robusto sells in 12 packs for $152.99. Since each Tryst Robusto is the equivalent of eight cigars a 12 pack equals out time wise to 96 cigars and that's a real deal.

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